Heavy Metal Heroes, J-Men Forever, Surreal Short Films, Tributes to Sex and Violence in Music Videos...

This is when cable tv, and, specifically, music videos, actually took chances.

This show, formerly on the USA Network on Friday and Saturday nights,

was dedicated to providing surreal viewing pleasure for insomniacs.


Nowadays, we have infomercials to fill this void, but there was once a place where seekers

of the avant-garde could find something satisfying on television (of all places)...


As of October 9, 2001, there are NO websites dedicated to this institution we call Night Flight.

Hopefully, that will change, starting with this page. Write to the USA network and demand

that Night Flight be resurrected, compile and distribute you music videos of yesteryear,

find that one copy "J-Men Forever" in your local video store... do what you can to

bring back the spirit of Night Flight!


I'll get the ball rolling by offering up some music videos, taken from old VHS tapes of Night Flight.

For now, it's a download-only process, but, soon, we'll have webcasting sessions, much like

a TV station on the net. A Hotline server is being set up, as well...but, for now, enjoy the Night Flight!!



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