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Billy Idol - Dancing with Myself

A classic taken from Night Flight's "Tribute to Violence in Videos" special. Although it is not that violent by today's standards, it is, like all of the following videos, necessary viewing. With this particular clip, we learn how one combats a zombie invasion... by dancing.

Black Sabbath - Iron Man

THE classic acid rock group with

THE classic music video

Dio - Rainbow in the Dark

A hard video to find nowadays - one of the first metal videos ever made, starring a lady stalker that gets his come-uppance from a blazing solo by a lead guitarist... all while Dio looks down upon this crazy world in his god-like fashion. Truly confusing, but truly necessary viewing.

Krokus - Screaming in the Night

Another classic taken from the "Tribute to Violence in Videos" show. Probably the most surreal video ever made - and one of the best.

Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon

An extremely creepy video - probably the scariest ever made - starring Ozzy in his classic dual role as a mad professor AND a werewolf!

3 Guys in an Attic and the Chick Who Plays the Bass

They made the scene, and then disappeared...but Night Flight was there!


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