Kenneth Thomas is the independent eye and artist behind The Scourge Productions. He has spent the last 20 years capturing and displaying a unique vision via his multi-disciplinary skills in shooting, directing, editing, and photography. Music documentation is the primary visual output of The Scourge, producing feature-length docs, EPK's, music videos, and short films involving Neurosis, Isis, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Old Man Gloom, Pelican, Carla Bozulich, The Chameleons UK, and a score of others. 

Kenneth has also been a DP, Camera Operator, and Editor for productions involving the above-mentioned bands, as well as The Residents, X, Queens of the Stone Age, Yanni, William Shatner, Bruce LaBruce, and others he simply cannot remember at the time of this writing.

Kenneth resides in the Bay Area of California, working for an art school as an equipment guru, allowing him the access and flexibility to pursue his current music doc productions, and to also create 16mm photography for larger-than-life lightboxes (see link to the left).

And, what's with "The Scourge"? It's a line in one of the best scenes in the greatest film ever made - Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man. See clip below.

Kenneth attempting to capture the majesty of a Humboldt County landscape. It can't be done. You just have to go there. 
Photo by Maria Matteoli.