MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Heavy Brewing Premiere Screening on Tuesday, May 5, at 7pm

Come to the Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room on Tuesday, May 5, at 7pm to view the pilot episode for Heavy Brewing - the show I'm producing, directing, and hosting! Every episode focuses on a particular brewery and a special limited-edition concoction they make.

I'm honored to have Sierra Nevada be the focus of this pilot episode, with their Southern Hemisphere IPA... and I'm thrilled to have the premiere in their tasting room in Berkeley! Southern Hemisphere IPA is centered around New Zealand hops that are shipped and thrown into the kettle within a week of picking. In this premiere episode of Heavy Brewing, we follow this tasty brew from the kettle to the tap room... the very tap room where this will be screened!

Southern Hemisphere (as well as many other SV concoctions) will be on hand this evening, fresh from the brewery for its 2015 run. The Torpedo Room is a unique take on a pub, so the experience of being there will be reason enough to attend... as well as seeing me act like a dork as I revel in hoppy splendor. See you there!