Caleb Scofield, bassist and amazing musician / songwriter in SO MANY bands (a few of which are in Blood, Sweat + Vinyl) died in the spring of 2018. The music community around him has majestically risen up to help out his family, through various fundraisers — central to this were 2 concerts: one in Boston, and one in Los Angeles.

I was honored with having been called upon to co-direct the Boston live video stream, and to produce and direct the Los Angeles live stream.

The link below is the archive — complete with chat transcript of that Los Angeles show, which took place on October 13th, 2018. 6 cameras and a live sound mix documented this event, which brought about the triumphant one-night-only return of Isis — billed as Celestial (the name of their first LP) for this show.

27, Old Man Gloom, Pelican, Celestial (Isis), Cave In, and a special-guest-heavy set of Zozobra songs. It was a thrill to produce and direct this live stream - please click below to check it out!

Preceded by a 14-minute mini-documentary about the Boston show, also directed by me, containing rehearsal and live footage.

Link to YouTube archive of live stream